Himalayan Salt at It’s Best

Benefits of Himalayan Salt Soap

Everest was the inspiration for our Himalayan Pink Salt Bar Soap with Rose at Falls River Soap, handmade soap company. Mt. Everest springs from the Himalayas, which are the tallest mountains on Earth. Surprisingly, these massive peaks were once at the bottom of a prehistoric salt ocean. Fast forward to present day- the colossal ocean has evaporated and the Himalayas are left with all of the minerals, salts, and silts that once sustained the abundant ocean life. Not only do our handcrafted Himalayan Pink Salt Soap bars have pristine peaks of real Himalayan pink salt atop mountains of charcoal, clay, and essential oils, but their powerful ingredients have the ability to help tackle Everest-sized skin problems.

Himalayan Pink Salt Soap Benefits

You don’t have to use a charcoal wash AND a clay face mask AND a salt bath to get all the benefits these ingredients have to offer. Our Himalayan Pink Salt Soap Bar with Rose has wrapped all these benefits into one great soap bar. It will gently cleanse and exfoliate the skin while drawing out impurities. The salts and clays will help to add moisture and minerals back into the skin. Our natural glycerin and oils will provide additional skin moisture and protection.

We use only pure ingredients that come straight from nature. We don’t include any type of preservative or chemical. Our products are high-quality and organic to give you the most of nature’s natural healing agents. We handmake each soap bar and age it to perfection. We think you’ll love our Himalayan pink salt soap. If you want a natural way to draw out toxins and treat acne or skin problems, try a bar today.



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